God's role and our role in selecting a President

God's role and our role in selecting a President

By Harlan Brown
June 16, 2012

We Americans often think that we select our President, but God's word says, "the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone He wishes." (Daniel 4:25) Unfortunately, we are a nation in rebellion against the Most High God and as a result are coming under His judgment. (See "The Onion Hypothesis of Economics" at and "God's judgment on America" at .) The deliberate killing of tens of millions of innocent human beings and the proliferation of sexual immorality are just two of our many national sins. I believe that Barack Obama's electoral victory four years ago was arranged by the Almighty as part of our national punishment.

Our choice

And now it appears that our choice is between two leaders who act as though they're devoid of moral principles: one a pro-sodomy, pro-aborticide socialist, the other a pro-sodomy, pro-aborticide crypto-socialist (a socialist who hides it behind some other label). One is openly wicked. The other claims to be pro-life and for traditional marriage even though:

  • He signed taxpayer-funded aborticide (with $50 co-pay) into law.
  • He ordered Catholic hospitals to issue abortifacient drugs.
  • He illegally imposed same-sex "marriage" on the citizens of Massachusetts.
  • He ordered Catholic Charities to place children with same-sex couples, forcing the organization out of the adoption and foster care system in Massachusetts.
  • He still supports allowing sodomy in the military.
  • He still denies the personhood of unborn babies and the God-given unalienable right to life.

(See We Won't Get Fooled Again by Gregg Jackson and Steve Deace and http://prolifeprofiles.com/mitt-romney-abortion.)

A holocaust

A Holocaust of Children in the Womb is underway. A vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for letting it continue. If enough American Christians took an uncompromising stand for righteousness and against evil, this holocaust would end. Presidential candidiate Tom Hoefling pledges, "I will shut down every abortion facility in the country." (See http://www.tomhoefling.com/8/post/2012/06/tom-hoefling-i-will-shut-down-every-abortion-facility-in-the-country.html and http://prolifeprofiles.com/tom-hoefling-americas-party.)

A miracle?

I have had the privilege of campaigning for a candidate where fervent prayer and hard work led to an election victory that many said was impossible. And while I would call that an answer to prayer, I would not call it a miracle.

On the other hand, Tom Hoefling's chances of winning in November are significantly less. His victory would require God's invervention. I have experienced miracles in other contexts, and I know that God is still in the miracle business. But faith is required. As long as Christians are willing to vote for an evil candidate and assume that a virtuous candidate has no chance of winning, we will continue to have evil ruling over us.

Making evil the standard?

Alan Keyes wrote in a World Net Daily article (http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/if-less-evil-is-more-wheres-the-choice): "You take the position that Obama is so evil you’re just forced to vote for someone whom you assert is just a little less evil. With this reasoning you make evil the standard for office in America, guaranteeing that we will never again see good represented in office. In fact, it guarantees that we will get progressively greater evils (since by offering more and more extreme evil the bad guys can guarantee that you and those like you will support more and more extreme, though supposedly somewhat “lesser,” evils.) Don’t you realize that this is the repeated tragic error that produced Obama in the first place, and will produce others still worse than Obama? In fact, Romney may be just that (worse than Obama), since he has already gotten away with implementing policies (legislation with government-funded abortions, individual mandates, coercion of conscience, imposition of gay marriage, etc.) that are being strongly and successfully resisted coming from Obama."

Our role

I realize that it takes faith to vote for Tom Hoefling and trust in God to control the outcome, and I try to avoid being judgmental of persons who choose to vote for Romney or Obama as the "lesser of two evils." Each of us has to examine our conscience, realizing that God will judge our motive regardless of which course we choose to take.

As John Quincy Adams said: "Duty is ours. Results are God's."

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