2012 U.S. Presidential candidate comparison

Comparison of Presidential candidates in 2012 U.S. general election

Issue Barack
Should Roe v. Wade be overturned?2 No No No Yes3 Yes Yes
Should aborticide (induced abortion) be totally abolished? No No No No4 Yes5 Yes6
Should all human beings be treated as persons under the law? No No No No whenever now
Does the candidate currently support same-sex "marriage"? Yes Yes Yes No No No
Has the candidate ever supported same-sex "marriage"? Yes Yes Yes Yes7 No No
Should the ban on sodomy in the U.S. military be restored? No No No No Yes Yes
Should the Boy Scouts continue to uphold sexual morality? No No No No Yes Yes
Opposes or has opposed freedom of religion Yes8 No No Yes9 No No
Supports National Defense Authorization Act (Patriot Act) Yes10 No No Yes10 No No
  1. Goode has ballot access (name on ballot or certified write-in) in all states except Arkansas, Hawaii, and Oklahoma. Hoefling has ballot access in about three-fourths of the states; North Carolina is not one of them.
  2. The effect of overturning Roe depends on how Roe is overturned. As Prof. Charles Rice of the Notre Dame Law School has written, "If the Court leaves it up to the states, which is how all the present Justices (with the possible exception of Thomas) interpret it, the legality of abortion would depend exclusively on state law. If the Court really overruled Roe, it would be through a holding that the unborn child is a person entitled to constitutional rights. If so, the states would be obliged under the Fourteenth Amendment to protect the life of the unborn child."
  3. Before 2004 Romney supported Roe. In 2004 he experienced a "pro-life conversion" and since then has favored overturning Roe to empower states "to determine their own abortion laws." (See prolifeprofiles.com/mitt-romney-abortion and www.mittromney.com/issues/values.)
  4. In 2006 he signed Romneycare into law, using Massachusetts tax dollars to fund aborticide. In 2007 he said, "Every action I have taken as governor of Massachussets has been pro-life." Currently, he supports allowing aborticide in "instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother." (See mittromney.com/blogs/mitts-view/2011/06/my-pro-life-pledge).
  5. This position is from a response to a questionnaire. Goode's website says, "As President I would continue to oppose abortion and would submit a budget to Congress with zero funding for planned parenthood and any other similar entities."
  6. Hoefling's website says, "I will shut down every abortion facility in the country."
  7. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney issued an executive order imposing same-sex "marriage" on the residents of Massachusetts contrary to Massachusetts law. (See stevedeace.com/news/iowa-politics/the-case-against-mitt-romney.)
  8. Obamacare prohibits free exercise of religion by certain people. (See Obama Minions: Gov't 'Can Override Your Religion'.)
  9. Romney tried to force Catholic hospitals to offer Plan B to rape victims and tried to force Catholic Charities to place foster children with homosexual couples. (See www.republicansagainstromney.com and massresistance.org/romney/#SSM.)
  10. See information and links at Obama declares war on the validity of the American Constitution.

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