AIP News

AIP News 

Are you missing out on information that you should know? AIP News ( is online, free, and very informative.

In 2008, readers of AIP News were informed of the other Republican platform, John McCain's platform that was handed out to delegates on the last day of the Republican national convention. McCain rejected portions of the party platform, including the planks on abortion, stem cell research, marriage, and religious liberty.

In 2008, readers of AIP News were informed of Barack Obama's 2006 trip to Kenya on which he campaigned for Raila Odinga, a man not particularly friendly to the United States.

In 2008, readers of AIP News were also informed of the issues cited in the brochure Are you ready for real change?.

In May 2009, AIP News provided first-hand accounts from the front lines of the protests at Notre Dame.

In June 2009, AIP News readers read about Big government and religion: an inverse relationship.

In October 2009, AIP News readers read The Onion Hypothesis of Economics.

Now, at this especially crucial time in our nation's history (see Into the fiscal abyss and the first comment on it), AIP News gives insight into what is happening in our nation and why.

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