Tedesco supports personhood amendment

Tedesco supports personhood, clarifies answers to NC Family Policy Council questions

By Harlan Brown
June 24, 2012

RALEIGH   John Tedesco, a candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction in the Republican primary runoff on July 17, said yesterday that he supports a personhood amendment to the North Carolina constitution. The question that he answered yes to reads as follows:

Do you support a personhood amendment to the NC constitution like the Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment (http://www.coloradorighttolife.org/2012-wording) protecting each human being whether he or she is inside or outside the womb?

Tedesco also clarified "Undecided" answers to three questions in the North Carolina Family Policy Council 2012 Election Voter Guide. For details, see the footnotes in the candidate comparison table at http://cybergroundrr.yolasite.com/news_2012-nc-primary-cand2.php.

Tedesco is the third of the eight candidates in four races in the Republican runoff to take a stand for the personhood of all human beings. The other two are Mike Causey running for NC Commissioner of Insurance and Dan Forest running for NC Lieutenant Governor. Causey has taken the American Right to Life (ARTL) 2012 Pro-life Candidate Survey and is endorsed by ARTL.

For more information about personhood, see the following websites:

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