Two pro-family, pro-life candidates

Editorial: Two pro-family, pro-life candidates in Durham council and mayoral races

By Harlan Brown
Nov. 2, 2011

DURHAM, NC — The God-ordained institution of marriage is under attack, and the recent spate of murders in Durham indicates a disregard for human life. Two of the eight candidates running in the current election in Durham are committed to the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of human life. These two also oppose the proposed tax increase at a time when many taxpayers are already struggling.

Those candidates are Victoria Peterson for city council and Sylvester Williams for mayor. For a summary of candidates' positions on these issues, see “Peterson supports Durham tax freeze, maintains marriage stance.” To read the pledge that Peterson signed, see

Early voting has begun. The main election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. I encourage all Durham voters who believe in the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of marriage to get out and vote. And pray! Pray for the candidates who are taking a stand for righteousness, and pray that the candidates who are condoning sin will repent.

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