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Poetry, songs, and music 

Among all earth's creatures, poetry is a uniquely human gift. So are written songs and creative music. This web page contains poetry, songs, and music.


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Finally, here are 10 musical renditions from the Fifteenth Annual USD High School Music Camp Concerts held June 19-26, 1966, in Slagle Auditorium, Vermillion, South Dakota:

  1. "The Little Lamb"
  2. "The Water Is Wide"
  3. "Slavonic Dance No. 8 in G Minor"
  4. "Psalm 150"
  5. "Christ the Lord Is Risen"
  6. "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
  7. "March from Second Suite in F"
  8. "Dedicatory Overture"
  9. "Bravura March"
  10. "Chant & Jubilo"

2020 VISIONS: May The Blind Receive Their Sights

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/04

My vision for this new year?
That darkness turns to light (Acts 26:18)
That many who have long been blind
Might receive their sights

That they may honor God
In all they do and say
That Satan’s wicked veil
Might now be torn away (2 Corinthians 3:16)

I pray that darkness falls
Dispelled by holy light
I hope that in this new year
The blind receive their sights

I pray that this fair nation
Now filled with so much strife
Would honor and appreciate
God’s great gift of life

I pray the Holy Father
Might open up their eyes
For where there is no (Godly) vision
Precious babies die (Proverbs 29:18)

I pray as did Elisha
That these things might be
Please open up their eyes my God
That they also might see (2 Kings 6:17)

I pray that they’ll reject
Those men intent on slaughter
Who murder unborn sons
And kill our newborn daughters (Isaiah 13:18)

I pray before they lay
In front of a mortician
They’ll honor Jesus Christ
Much more than politicians

I pray they’ll follow God
Without a hint of fear
That their scales may fall away
Their eye sights become clear

That they’ll exercise free will
That their eyes will clearly see
That they’ll stop repeating what they’ve heard
From jackals in D.C.

I pray that Christian soldiers
Won’t fall for sheer distortions
Not cast their lots with murder
Renamed as abortions

I pray that righteous folks
Won’t fall for wicked lies
That these best folks that I know
Will see with open eyes

It’s darkness that men love ((John 3:19, 20)
How sadly I have learned
I pray this vision comes to pass
Before the King returns

For when my Savior comes
He comes with righteous ire
And many will be cast into
The burning lake of fire (Revelation 20:13-15)

My 2020 Vision?
That darkness turns to light (Acts 26:18)
That many who have long been blind
May receive their sights


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

There is a certain lake
For those who’ve chosen death (murder)
There is no water there
It’s flames will take your breath

Just thinking of this fate
Fills me with such grief
There’s sure to be much wailing
And much gnashing of the teeth (Luke 13:27,28)

Children daily murdered
While partakers of this sin (2 John 1:10, 11)
Faithful to the left
Choose to dive right in

In my time on earth
Humanity has worsened
Judgement surely comes (2ND Corinthians 5:10)
With NO respect of persons (Acts 10:34)

Not even mighty angels
Who left their first estate
To cast their lots with Satan
Will escape this horrid fate (Jude 1: 5,6)

If a sinner such as I
Can see these things so plain
Why does the church support them
It’s such a crying shame

It’s not only these child killers
Who’ll face the flames of hell
But those who gave support (Matthew 25: 40-42)
Will join them there as well

Babies sliced and poisoned
By instruments of violence
While many who claim Christ
Approve with their own silence

At the end of days
There’ll be wailing and much weeping (Matthew 25:30)
As those who support these wicked deeds
Learn God was never sleeping (Hebrews 4:13)

There is a certain lake
It’s fumes will take your breath
This lake’s reserved for those
Who CHOSE the second death (Hebrews 10:26,27)

Judgement day awaits
It comes with righteous ire
And many will be cast into
The burning lake of fire (Revelation 21:8)

Aborticide Is Homicide

by Harlan Brown, July 31, 2011

This poem is dedicated to God, the Giver of Life, to the hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of tiny boys and girls who have been victims of the Holocaust of Preborn Persons, and to mothers who have had this violence forced upon them and their children. In the past 40 years in the United States alone, more than 50 million innocent human lives have been deliberately cut short before birth.

Aborticide is homicide and sometimes also genocide,
So come on now and look inside a heart made of stone.
Now doctors should save lives and all, but some just don't do that at all,
And what they do does us appall. Now that is my bone.

The tiny ones are persons too, and killing them should be taboo.
Their moms may end up feeling blue. And what of the child?
The innocent are being killed, some moms coerced and some self-willed.
With indignation we are filled. It's time to get riled.

So let's stand up for human life, stay firm amid the swirling strife
And apathy when sin is rife. Stand up for the weak.
Each boy and girl has personhood regardless of their age. We should
Now advocate to do what's good for those who can't speak.

ABORTION: Murder Renamed

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

The gifts of God ((Psalm 127:3)
They burn and they tear ( Ezekiel 22:27)
Of God’s righteous wrath
They have no fear (Romans 3:18)

They are of their father
His acts they’ll perform. (John 8:44-45)
They murder our children
Before they are born

Confirming the warning
Of prophecy old
Their evil abounds
Their love now grown cold (Matthew 24:12)

The innocent slaughtered (Isaiah 59:7)
They call it choice
The wicked lay siege
On those with no voice (Isaiah 13:18)

God says they’re persons
These words he has issued (Psalm 139:13-16)
But the murderous left ((Matthew 25:41)
Say they are just tissue

They hide behind terms (2 Peter 2:3)
Abortion and choice
To sugar coat murder ((Romans 16:18)
Of those with no voice

They’re burned, ripped, and poisoned
And torn apart
By those with no conscience
And those with no hearts (Isaiah 13:18)

They murder these children
In wicked fashion
Even Sea Monsters
Show more compassion (Lamentations 4:3)

Oh that our words (Proverbs 18:21)
Might help end this slaughter
By calling these acts
Nothing but murder

ABORTION LAWS: Written In Stone

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/01/26

ABORTION LAWS: Written In Stone

Brutal and deceptive
Like just before the flood
This wicked law’s been written
In precious babies’ blood

God writes on the hearts
Of those he calls his own
Satan writes his laws
On hearts now turned to stone

Perhaps the greatest evil
That you ever saw
They celebrate child murder
And call it settled law

Lacking hearts of flesh
Their actions now have shown
This evil law’s engraved
On hearts made out of stone

They torture and they kill
Our sisters and our brothers
Bereft of human hearts
They sell the hearts of others

Perhaps the greatest evil
This world has ever known
This wicked law’s been written
In hearts now turned to stone

ABORTION LAWS: Written on Hearts of Stone


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

With hands that seem so clean
When viewed with just plain sight
But dripping red with blood
Neath God’s revealing light

Some speak of love and mercy
While innocents lie dead
Consenting with their silence
Their hands blood soaked and red

For over 60 million slain
When you stand before the Son
You’ll get to share the blame

At the judgement day
On which side will you stand
On the left you’ll find
Those with blood stained hands

Consenting to child murder
With so many millions dead
Naught but the blood of Christ
Can wash away this red

In the lake of fire
You’ve no wish to be stranded
Turn now back to Christ
And don’t be caught Red Handed

An Answer

by Neela Redford, Oct. 13, 2000

        What do people do
   when they have nowhere to turn?
        What do people do
 when there's always something to learn?
        What do people do
    when they can't find their way?
        What do people do
when they can't find the right words to say?
     Perhaps there is an answer;
      It's really not hard to find.
       Give your heart to God
 And he'll give you his heart and mind.

Are You Fresh for Everything?

by Harlan Brown in January 2016

Inspiration for this poem (which can be sung as a song) came while I was reading the January 20-23 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

Are you fresh for everything? Recall what God remembers.
Is the fire burning bright, or are you left with embers?
Being born of the Spirit keeps us truly fresh.
If you are in love with God, His life and yours will mesh.

Am I looking first to God, transformed by beholding?
Is his purpose for my life with wondrous joy unfolding?
If we're not transformed as mirrors, our ideals are flawed.
Trials and difficulties vanish when we look to God.

Are You Willing to Be Poured Out as an Offering?

by Harlan Brown, Feb. 4, 2016

Inspiration for this poem came while I was reading the February 3-6 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

Are you willing to be poured out as an offering?
Will you sacrifice yourself for the good of others?
Are you willing to be a doormat when you service bring?
Is it beneath your dignity to humbly serve your brothers?

Are you willing to be poured out as an offering?
Tell God you are ready to be a sacrifice to Him.
Accept what consequences come when you serve the King.
Base your actions firmly on commitment not a whim.

Are you willing to become the refuse of the world?
Think not strange the fiery trial that is going to try you.
Be prepared to reveal the Son when trials at you are hurled.
Open your heart to the offenders; don't let trials fry you.

Are you telling others of the love of Jesus glorious?
Are you totally surrendered Christ's love to confess?
God will lead you through life's trials and help you be victorious.
After fiery trials naught can trouble or depress.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/01/21

Some say that we’re not humans
While they plot our slaughter
They murder unborn sons
And butcher newborn daughters

They’ve claimed a moral right
Since they’re not using guns
To slaughter unborn daughters
And murder newborn sons

They slaughter newborn children
And profit from their parts
Reciting Satan’s laws
Engraved on stoney hearts

With doctors who now kill
Who’ve set aside their calling
Assassins in lab coats
My how far we’ve fallen

A demonic kind of evil
Where can I even start
They’ve severed babies’ heads
They’re selling newborn’s hearts

Humans truly love
Our sisters and our brothers
Humanity is shown
By how we’ve treated others

Recall the deadly past
When so many lives were lost
The slaughters in Rwanda
The Jewish Holocaust

Monsters came a calling
Such blood shed on the scene
Claiming that their victims
Weren’t true human beings

The same mindset belonged
To Satan’s willing aides
They murdered raped and maimed
During the slave trade

Humans show compassion
And defend the very least
Just one of many traits
That make us men not beasts

Compassion pity mercy
Are traits we’re used to seeing
In the best of those
Considered human beings

Those who slaughter children
Bring our nation strife
They say that tiny babes
Have no right to life

I see no human traits
Not even in the least
For those who do such things
Are more like savage beasts

They’ve plot a course for hell
With many men in tow
Among those on that trip
The best folks that I know

They’ve closed their hearts to pity
Becoming Satan’s crewman
They’ve shown NO evidence
Of truly being human


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

As in the days of Noah (Genesis 6:11-13)
Just before the flood
Men reveled in their evil
Deceit and shedding blood

Murder praised and cheered
And renamed as abortions
Evil run amok
At biblical proportions

Just like mighty Pharaoh
Who ordered newborns slaughtered ((Exodus 1:22)
Democrats now murder
Our newborn sons and daughters

At Herod’s dark insistence (Matthew 2:16,17)
Many babies died
Now democrats, like Herod
DEMAND infanticide

Like wicked Athaliah
They revel in their sins
To maintain her position
She slaughtered her own kin (2 Chronicles 22:10)

And like the great red dragon
Filled with hate and scorn
Now they murder children
Just as they’re being born (Revelation 12:4)

They boast of their big tent
Where evil clearly lurks (Psalm 84:10)
As they rush to carry out
Their father’s evil works ((John 8:44)

In their quest for power
They’ll do anything it takes
A trail of death and blood
Scattered in their wakes (Isaiah 59:7)

Murder praised and cheered
With words of pure distortion
These murders far exceed
Biblical proportions

Blessings and Gifts That God Has Given Me

by Harlan Brown, Nov. 25, 2020

Blessings and gifts God has given.
To give Him thanks I feel driven.
Oft thankworthy things I see.
Here are some from A to Z:

God the Father for all things I thank.
Also for brothers; I will be frank.
Thanks for creation all around,
Also for doctrine that is sound,

For eternal life installed,
For the faith that has enthralled,
For the grace that me has saved,
For great hope in life engraved,

For income that pays the bills,
For Jesus who life's storms stills,
Knowledge that me daily grows,
Love that comes and really shows,

Mercy that endures forever,
Neighbors that forsake us never,
Oil to eat and oil to grease,
Peace of mind that does not cease,

Quiet time for Christian livin',
Rights that from the Lord are given,
For salvation that is great,
And for truth that keeps me straight,

Understanding in me stored,
And for vict'ry from the Lord,
Wisdom that the truth believes,
Xanthophyll in autumn leaves,

Grand Yosemite's awesome beauty,
Zeal comingled with solemn duty.
God gives blessings; God does live.
To Him grateful thanks I give.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Many would pretend
That I never was alive
Denied the right to live and grow
Denied the chance to thrive

Helpless and subjected
To another’s will
They deemed I had no right to live
So sadly I was killed

Denied the chance to live and grow
As a son or daughter
No celebration of my birth
Just welcomed with a slaughter

MURDERED by those people
Possessed of stoney hearts
First for votes and riches
And now for body parts

No chance to ever truly share
This love I had to give
Murdered just before my birth
Though briefly I did live


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

They’ve murdered their own children
They couldn’t be more proud
In them there is no shame
They’re defiant and they’re loud (Proverbs 7:10-11)

The death of one’s dear children
Should be a heavy weight
But not for these child killers
Instead they celebrate

To show displays of love
It seems that they’re unable
These enemies of life
Their ways are all unstable (Proverbs 5:6)

Their hearts as hard as stone
Of compassion? Destitute
They boast of these child murders
Like shameless prostitutes (Ezekiel 16:30)

They’re wicked and they’re loud
Incapable of shame
They’ve murdered their own children
And Folly is their name (Proverbs 9:13)

By mark linen

Then a woman came out to meet him, with attire of a prostitute and cunning of heart. She is loud and defiant; her feet do not remain at home - Proverbs 7:10,11

She does not consider the path of life; she does not know that her ways are unstable. - Proverbs 5:6

How weak-willed is your heart, declares the Lord GOD, while you do all these things, the acts of a shameless prostitute!- Ezekiel 16:30

The woman named Folly is loud; she is naive and knows nothing. - Proverbs 9:13

Called by God

by Harlan Brown in January 2016

Inspiration for this poem (which can be sung as a song) came while I was reading the January 14-17 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

Called by God, will you hear and go?
Called by God, do you walk in white?
When you're called, God directs the show.
Your sanctification is His delight.

The voice of the nature of God
Shines the nature of God above all.
The call of the natural life
Leads to service by each God does call.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

In these uncertain times
Like few we’ve ever known
Turn unto the King
Who sits upon the throne

With just a few small fish
Thousands he has fed*
He healed the poor and sick*
And sometimes raised the dead*

In darkness some were born
And walked in constant night
He merely touched their eyes
And they received their sights*

The God that made us all
And holds us in his hands
All these things he’s done
I’m certain he still can

He is the risen Christ*
Who walked upon the sea*
While constantly we sinned
He died for you and me*

Morning noon and night
While reading at the table
The pages in his book
Reveal my God’s quite able

I’ll trust and lean on him
Even if I’m killed*
In good times and in bad
I will trust him still

For I am but a branch
My Savior is the vine*
Christ the mighty King
Who changed water into wine*

Continue in your prayers
To heal this troubled land
We serve an awesome God
I’m certain that he can*

Pray for our nation’s healing
His words are no mere fables
We serve a God who can
And who is more than able

Character Is the Key

by Harlan Brown in early 1995

The screen flickers softly as fingers meet keys.
The words shuffle by like dry leaves in a breeze.
A mind filled with knowledge directs today's task,
But what is the motive, one may rightly ask.
No pain no gain, garbage in garbage out.
Purpose and effort is what it's about.
Some are marauders, some humanitarian.
What they are doing is quite unagrarian.
The hardware and software are state of the art,
Reliable, trustworthy, doing their part.
But the foremost integrity anyone sees
Is that of the one who is pressing the keys.


by Harlan Brown, Nov. 10, 2000

He polished the metal.  The whole thing he oiled.
Grown up in the suburbs, he was a bit spoiled.
He had his own laptop, a room of his own,
His own CD player, his own telephone.

His mom was a chemist, his dad a programmer,
And he was a geek and a freak and a spammer.
They worked very hard but had time for their guy
Except on the days with names ending in "y."

His sis didn't live in the house of the geek's.
A D&C got her just after 12 weeks.
His brother though older was also quite dead
From a Metzenbaum scissors in the back of his head.

His grandmother Ruth and his gramps Anastasia
Departed this world through a brief euthanasia.
And now their young grandson did sigh out his breath.
His thoughts were enmeshed in the culture of death.

The nasty school bullies for taunts and for jeers
Were going to get things beyond their worst fears.
Their mouths full of venom, their bites they did give.
Now a thirty-aught-six would soon make them a sieve.

As darkness was 'bout to engulf a teen mind,
A glimmer of hope seemed to come from behind.
His new friends at school didn't sneer, didn't mock,
Were faithful and true like an accurate clock.

He knew with them he'd ne'er be left in the lurch,
Especially by Sam, who had brought him to church.
They treated him friendly--he didn't know why--
And made him to feel like a regular guy.

He'd heard the fine messages, heard the good talk,
But now he had friends who he'd seen walk the walk.
He pondered the meaning of amazing grace.
The thirty-aught-six he put back in its case.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

The choices laid before us (Deuteronomy 30:19)
Consist of life and death (Jeremiah 21:8)
Will we help to slaughter children
Before they’ve drawn a breath?

God gave us his son (John 3:16, 17)
The left they ask for ours
Will we obey the left?
Or He who made the stars (Job 8: 9-10)

They seek our minds and bodies
Our thoughts and our free will
They ask for our dear children ((Isaiah 13:18)
For profit whom they kill (Deuteronomy 27: 24-26)

Choose who you will serve (Joshua 24:15)
The Creator’s taking notes (Revelation 20: 14,15)
Christ the righteous King
Or those who seek your votes

Will we choose the one
Who made the earth and stars? (Genesis 1:16).
The one who gave his Son ((Romans 8:32)
Or those who murder ours

They’ve nurtured THEIR OWN children
While CONDEMNING OURS to death
These masters of deception
Murders lies and thefts (Romans 3:13-18)

They have no wish to govern
But seek only to rule
They lie and twist the truth
And treat us like their fools

I pray that one day soon
We’ll see what we have done (Psalm 106: 36-38)
We’ve joined them in the slaughter
Of our daughters and ours sons

And what a commentary
When a sinner such as I (1 Timothy 1:15,16)
Is one of few who cares (Matthew 24: 11-13)
As these precious babies die

Should I speak or write the truth
Oh how some do protest (Galatians 4:16,17)
Politics comes first
My Christ takes second best (Isaiah 29: 13,14)

Relentless in child murder
The left refuse to budge
For strengthening their hands (Ezekiel 13: 19-23)
We surely will be judged (2 Corinthians 5:10)

Choose who you will serve (Joshua 24:15)
The Creator’s taking notes (Revelation 20: 14,15)
Christ the righteous King
Or those who seek your votes


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

If life we would obtain
In his(Christ’s) words we must abide
The wicked like dead fish
Flow freely with the tide

Rejecting Godly wisdom
They revel in their sins
And just like leaves now dead
Blow freely with the wind

Scripture cast aside
For politics instead
We live now in the age
Of the living dead

With those who slaughter children
Placed on a lofty perch
With wicked politicians
Who now convert the church

They are not mindless zombies
(They’re) Quite intelligent instead
But like Romero’s zombies
Spiritually they’re dead

No longer are they salt
Christ’s words are shown disdain
They stand exposed as sugar
Now melting in the rain

They’re seeds on rocky places
In them is no root
For politics and men
They’ve given Christ the boot

Read it in the book
We’ve long ago been warned
Some would be like seeds
Sown among the thorns

Self-serving politicians
Now convert the church
As self- professing Christians
Take a leftward lurch

Scripture cast aside
For politics instead
Behold the lukewarm church
Of the living dead


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

It may sound rather strange
Perhaps its rather odd
But when observing nature
I feel so close to God

Just sitting by the river
Or watching falling leaves
And how I love the sights and sounds
Of butterflies and bees

At peace with God’s creations
Each time I look around
His majesty and Glory
Are daily what I’ve found

In my quiet times
I hear my own heart beat
The lovely feel of nature
From the grass beneath bare feet

While strolling through the forest
Or watching playful squirrels
My thoughts are of the one
Who made this awesome world

The clouds above our heads
The sun and moon and stars
Thanks to the mighty God
All these things are ours

The wind that comes from nowhere
The soothing gentle rain
All these are reminders
My faith is not in Vain

These precious gifts from God
That he so freely gives
They constantly remind me
That my Savior lives

It may sound rather strange
Perhaps its rather odd
But when observing nature
I feel so close to God


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

Draw me closer God
While I still draw breath
For no man truly knows
The day that brings his death

Forgive me Holy God
I long to do your will
At times when I transgress
Please hold me closer still

If you should count our wrongs
Who could ever stand
Draw me closer God
While I walk this land

Have mercy oh my Lord
For I am only dust
Though often I fall short
In only you I trust

Protect me mighty God
From the wicked man
When enemies attack
Please lead me by the hand

Those things that have been stolen
Restore to me in doubles
Be my strong defense
During days of trouble

Pull me nearer God
Bend me to your will
When I have my doubts
Please pull me closer still

Draw me closer Lord
This prayer I now repeat
Oh how I love your word
(It’s) the lamp that guides my feet

A Columbine Dad's Reflections

by Darrell Scott

Technology can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used.

This poem (I added the title) was written by Darrell Scott, the father of two victims of the shooting on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. On May 27, 1999, he testified before the Subcommittee on Crime of the House Judiciary Committee in the United States House of Representatives. He said, "I wrote a poem just four nights ago that expresses my feelings best. This was written way before I knew I would be speaking here today."

Your laws ignore our deepest needs.
Your words are empty air.
You've stripped away our heritage.
You've outlawed simple prayer.

Now gunshots fill our classrooms,
And precious children die.
You seek for answers everywhere
And ask the question "WHY?"

You regulate restrictive laws
Through legislative creed,
And yet you fail to understand
That God is what we need!


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Few are as religious
As my beloved people
On Sundays we all gather
At the holy steeple

But we see the strangest thing
Each election season
As Christ is cast aside
And hate replaces reason

We have loved one party
More than life it’s self
For them we’ve put our interest
Waaay back on the shelf

Christ we claim as savior
Marriage we defend
We say that at conception
Is when life begins

Those that we support
Outlaw Jesus’ name (Acts 4:18)
Yet we still defend them
Proudly with NO shame

It seems that each two years
Christ is cast aside
While we lend support
To spreading Sodom’s pride (Isaiah 3:9)

Our children self- destructing
Communities in tears
The left they show concern
Only , each four years

We’ve raged against some statues
Flags and monuments
While thanks to Margaret Sanger
Our children’s lives are spent

Democrats have learned
They can treat us as they will
For even though they slay us
We will trust them still

Supporting Satan’s minions
In everything they do
And Christ the righteous savior
They crucify anew

Scripture cast aside
In wickedness they revel
Some confess my Christ
But truly serve the Devil

The Cost of Sanctification

by Harlan Brown, Feb. 10, 2016

Inspiration for this poem came while I was reading the February 7-10 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

The cost of sanctification
Is restriction of earthly concerns
And extensive, deep cultivation
Of godliness. That's what one learns.

Stay away from spiritual dejection.
It stems from spiritual lust.
The purpose of prayer is to get hold of God,
Not to get the answer or bust.

Are you spiritually exhausted?
God neither faints nor is weary.
If you fail to replenish your faith,
Life can become very dreary.

Lift up your eyes on high,
And see who created these things.
If pow'r to see God has been blinded,
Look to God; the Lord vision brings.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

Often am I struck
With awe and fascination
As daily I behold
The gifts of God’s Creations

When walking through the forest
Or sitting by the river
It’s plain to see my God
Is such a cheerful giver

The animals in the seas
And those that roam the lands
All of these were made
By the Father’s mighty hands

The brilliance of the sun
The birds up in the sky
The grace and beauty that’s seen in
The peaceful butterfly

All the tasty fruits
That we can pick from trees
The changing of the seasons
And the beauty of the leaves

The air we daily breathe
The grass beneath our feet
Small seeds that will grow into
The very foods we eat

The oceans and the lakes
The rivers and the moon
The lovely voice of birds
As they sing their lively tunes

Behold the stars above
Floating up in space
It’s by his will alone
That they remain in place

Unseen by the day
Hidden from our sights
But brilliantly they shine
In the darkness of the night

The diversity of clouds
High above they spread
The feel of soothing rain
As it falls upon our heads

The beauty of the heavens
It’s such an awesome wonder
The brilliance of the lightning’s flash
The sound of rolling thunder

And after stormy showers
What follows in its stead
The beauty of the rainbow
To remind us of God’s pledge

Everything came forth
At my God’s insistence
He merely spoke the words
And they came into existence

Each to fill a purpose
(That) the creator deemed they should
He created everything
And then he called them good

He’s showered us with blessings
And added beauty too
Oh that men would give him
The thanks he’s rightly due

Just looking at his works
I’m filled with fascination
The Majesty and Glory of
The God of ALL Creation

DEATH ROE: Condemned to Death for the Crime of Existing

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/01/26

They’ve committed no crimes
No murders or thefts
Yet they’re condemned
To the most brutal of deaths

No judge and no jury
No presenting of facts
They’ve been condemned
For other folks acts

Their heinous crimes?
They’ll never know
Yet they have been placed
On wicked death roe

Before these poor babes
Have breathed one outside breath
The verdict is rendered
Condemn them to death

Such is the plight
Of those with no voices
Condemned to death
For other folks choices

These babies offenses
There’s one on the list
They’re guilty because
They simply exist

If for social justice
You’d blow your horn
You should be outraged
For the murdered unborn

We’ve seen many athletes
Express how they feel
Yet for these babies
We’ve seen no one kneel

So if seeds of justice
You wish to sow
Then lift up your voices
For those on Death Roe

DEATH ROE: State Funded Racism, Torture, and Murder

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/18

No crimes have they committed
Yet before they’ve drawn a breath
These babes have been condemned
To torture and to death

No legal presentations
No arguments of facts
These babes are sent to die
Because of other’s acts

Bin Laden’s wicked soldiers
Are shown much more compassion
While these babes are tortured
And killed in savage fashion

Submerged in salty acid
Before they’ve drawn a breath
Much worse than water boarding
They’re drowned AND BURNED to death

An ancient English act
These babes are drawn and quartered
An act reserved for treason
Not unborn sons and daughters

With instruments of torture
These innocents are gored
Some monsters in our midst
Have cut their spinal chords

With acts so very EVIL
It makes me wonder why
Some BOAST of cutting throats
So that these babes won’t cry

Research this wicked practice
You’ll find that these evil acts
Began with Sanger’s vision
To terminate all blacks

Their vocal chords are severed
So that these babes can’t scream
As monsters carry out
Sanger’s racist dream

For convenience and for riches
With death is their alliance
The unborn killed and tortured
While they scream in silence

Using tools of death
Some babes were cut to shreds
Delivered then in pieces
While their tiny bodies bled

Those guilty of sheer terror
They have been protected
while the innocent unborn
our leaders have rejected

Murder now renamed
As some cover up the facts
That this all began
With Sanger’s dream for blacks

As subtle as the serpent
With half- truths and out- right lies
They’ve led us to participate
In our own demise

The great sin of a nation
In love with self and vice
These babes have done no wrongs
But pay a deathly price

No judges and no juries
No arguments of facts
These babes are sent to die
Because of other’s acts

We’ve seen and heard some athletes
Expressing how they feel
And yet for these poor babies
We’ve never seen them kneel

Their short lives end in torture
Such misery and such woe
No crimes have they committed
And yet they’re on death roe

Racism torture murder
These all begin with hate
These acts are just those things
And they’re funded by the state

EASTER 2020: Unlike Any Other

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

This Easter morning comes
It’s unlike any other
Let’s keep our faith in God
And pray one for the others

This plague has kept so many
From going about their tasks
Of those who venture out
Many now wear masks

Mankind is resilient
We’ve conquered things before
We can defeat this plague
That’s forced us all indoors

This deadly plague has spread
Now on a global scale
Defeat is not an option
We simply must not fail

Apart from friends and family
So many have been torn
Through death or separation
On this Easter morn

We celebrate today
That Jesus came to save
That those who once were dead
Will rise up from their graves

Remember Christ the King
And his saving grace
As we battle through
This trial that we now face

The church is not a structure
That men were led to build
The church consists of people
A true believer’s guild

Because of this contagion
No longer can we roam
But we can worship Christ
Just as well at home

Put your faith in God
With whom we have to do
It’s not the politicians
But he who’ll see us through

So keep your faith in God
And pray for one another
As we celebrate this Easter
That’s unlike any other


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

 In these final days
Christ has been eclipsed
The honor that he’s given?
Service of the lips

It’s wicked politicians
Now worshipped more instead
Behold the awesome faith
Of the living dead

Where those confessing Christ
Now take a leftward lurch
Where wicked politicians
Now convert the church

They’ve interjected teachings
The church has never known
Replacing holy scripture
With dogma of their own

For Jesus’ love of children
The murder men call choice
As they revel in the murder
Of those who have no voice

God’s holy institution
They’ve quickly cast aside
Marriage now replaced
Becoming Sodom’s pride

And what of Christ the King
Who died that we’d be spared
Although they claim his name
His truths aren’t welcomed there

With babies daily slaughtered
And marriage redefined
And the mention of Christs’ name
Now called a hateful crime

Their faith’s as strong as Job’s
They’ll sometimes mention him
But theirs is not in God
They put their faith in men

In these final days
Christ has been eclipsed
The honor that he’s given?
Service of the lips

It’s wicked politicians
Now worshiped more instead
This now is the faith
Of the living dead

FAKE NEWS: The Daily Dose

by Mark Linen, posted 2021/09/12

I’ve watched as precious people
Those to whom I’m close
Have turned their tv’s on
To get their daily dose

Their daily dose of lies
Half- truths and fabrications
All with just one aim
To help divide the nation

Their daily dose of falsehoods
Both small and sometimes huge
A daily dose of bias
And wicked subterfuge

I’ve watched as my dear people
Those whom I love the most
Have turned their tv’s on
To get their daily dose

They’ll get a dose of malice
Some early, others late
As fake news dishes out
Their daily dose of hate

Shameless with their tales
They’ve all become quite bold
They seek to shape opinions
With their liberal polls

I’ve listened to the words
With ears that truly hear
Malice and deception
Are what I’ve found in theirs

To achieve their wicked goals
They’ll do just what it takes
Their compassion like their news
I've found is mostly fake

Farmer Brown's Garden

by Harlan Brown, some time before 1995, date unknown

Corn has ears, but it cannot hear.
    Kernels line the cob.
Potatoes have eyes, but they cnanot see.
    Digging is a tiring job.
Cabbage has a head, but it cannot think.
    It grows green and round.
A rake has teeth, but it cannot chew.
    It is good for working the ground.

Five Ways My Marriage Has Blessed Me

by Harlan Brown, Nov. 18, 2020

The Bible says, "And Pharisees came up to him and tested him by asking, “Is it lawful to divorce one's wife for any cause?” He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” They said to him, “Why then did Moses command one to give a certificate of divorce and to send her away?” He said to them, “Because of your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”" (Matthew 19:3-9 English Standard Version)

After thougxhtful reflection I've come to see
Five ways my marriage is a blessing to me:
Balance, companionship, education,
Also nutrition and procreation.

Balance comes from my wife's unique perspective,
Sometimes encouraging, sometimes corrective.
Companionship helps me not to be lonely.
I like to spend time with my one and only.

Education involves life lessons learned.
For a good input blessings are returned.
Also we learn from a biblical search:
That marriage represents Christ and the Church.

Better nutrition I'm not overlooking.
I do give thanks for my sweetheart's good cooking.
Lastly, a thought that does give me a boost
Is the two children that we have produced.

Now that I wrote this I hope you can see
Five ways my marriage has truly blessed me:
Balance, companionship, education,
And too nutrition and procreation.

A Gardener and His Seeds

by Harlan Brown, Dec. 9, 1995, based on Matthew 13:1-23

A gardener gardened in four kinds of soil.
With four clear results from his gardening toil.
A ditch, on the rocks, among thorns, and good ground
Were places where seeds from the gard'ner were found.

The seeds on the wayside by birds were devoured.
The seedlings on rocks were soon scorched, never flowered.
The seeds among weeds found thorns smothering 'round,
But on the fine loam a great crop did abound.

The ditchers by Satan are snatched all away.
The rockies in trouble find faith does decay.
The weedies are choked by the cares of the world.
The loamers bear fruit like a banner unfurled.

So don't be a seed out alone in a ditch,
And don't dwell on trouble when spiritually rich,
But care more for Jesus than physical things,
And you'll find the good life that faith in Christ brings.

God Used the Gift of Work to Bless Me

by Harlan Brown, Nov. 5, 2020

The Bible says, "The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it" (Genesis 2:15 ESV). But not only did Adam have physical work to do, he also had scientific and intellectual work to do in naming the animals (Genesis 2:19-20).

God used the gift of work to bless me,
And even though at times work stressed me,
God's faithfulness indeed impressed me.
I praise His holy name.

My jobs did not obstruct obedience
To God, had no unjust expedience,
And had enjoyable ingredience.
They formed a winning game.

The work conditions were sufficient.
I learned to become more proficient
And sometimes also more efficient.
I had no long commute.

Profession adequately paid me.
Work ethic better person made me.
God's hand did guide and daily stayed me.
His greatness I salute.

Good Works: How It Works

by Harlan Brown, Aug. 9, 2020, based on Ephesians 2:8-10

It's judgment time in heaven.
A sinner now wants in.
Is looks like there's a roadblock,
The consequence of sin.

Did good deeds outweigh bad deeds?
A misconception lurks.
The good may let him enter, 
But that's not how it works.

Through faith we get salvation.
By grace we have been saved.
It is a gift God gives us.
By Christ the path is paved.

Our good works do not save us.
Indeed no one may boast.
Our boast should be Jesus.
We should love Him the most.

For we are God's creation.
For good works we are made,
Which God prepared beforehand
So we work with His aid.

We don't deserve what God gives.
Our Savior did arrange
His righteousness to give us.
It's such a great exchange.

To God belongs the glory.
His billboards we should be.
So show God's love to others.
For us God's love is free.

Our entrance into heaven
Will be despite our sin.
Believe and trust in Jesus,
And God will let you in.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Who’d have ever thought
They’d live to see the day
When newborn babes are murdered
In the USA

To further some careers
Now newborns end up dead
They’ll sell their beating hearts
Then sell their severed heads

These hearts they tell a tale
Much like the one from Poe
Child murder’s been renamed
This evil is Death Roe

We’re now a heartless nation
Where leaders won’t think twice
Where newborn babes are slaughtered
Then sold like merchandise.

These hearts they tell a truth
That most seem to ignore
Satan simply asked
(And)We let him through the door

Now some precious babes
May die without a heart
But those who’ve killed these babes
Had none from the start

Those who do these deeds
Their actions long have shown
Their heartless just as well
Because they’ve sold their own (Hearts)

Wicked leaders now
Seek to get ahead
Not by kissing babes
But by killing them instead

These babes are brought to birth
With precision and with haste
Their hearts are then removed
Their bodies tossed like waste

This is no horror flick
No tale from Mr. Poe
The horrifying truth
Of babies on Death Roe

They boast of their big tent
It’s from the bowels of hell
All who support these deeds
Are heartless just as well

The Holy Alphabet

by Cindy Blackamore

Although things are not perfect
Because of trial or pain
Continue in thanksgiving
Do not begin to blame
Even when the times are hard
Fierce winds are bound to blow
God is forever able
Hold on to what you know
Imagine life without His love
Joy would cease to be
Keep thanking Him for all the things
Love imparts to thee
Move out of "Camp Complaining"
No weapon that is known
On earth can yield the power
Praise can do alone
Quit looking at the future
Redeem the time at hand
Start every day with worship
To "thank" is a command
Until we see Him coming
Victorious in the sky
We'll run the race with gratitude
Xalting God most high
Yes, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Zion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything.

How Could Someone So Persecute Jesus!

by Harlan Brown, Jan. 28, 2016

Inspiration for this poem came while I was reading the January 28 and 29 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

How could someone so persecute Jesus!
How could someone so ignorant be!
Self-will and stubbornness always stab Jesus.
Is God's Word forceful and piercing in me?

How could someone so persecute Jesus!
As you serve, take note what your spirit is.
We show our ignorance in how we serve Him
If we are serving in our way not His.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/01/21

Some say that we’re not humans
That we’re just a bunch of cells
The same thing could be said
Of those same folks as well

Blessed with human hands
Human brains and hearts
Humanity displayed
Through all our God made parts

With eleven body organs
No different than their own
Our lives start at conception
A fact that’s long been known

With DNA that shows
We’re different from all others
And marks us as unique
And separate from our mothers

Dehumanized by those
Who’ve claimed a right to slaughter
They’re killing unborn sons
They murder newborn daughters

Bereft of true compassion
They’re wicked and they’re mean
It seems it’s them not us
Who aren’t true human beings

Look back through the ages
They said the same of blacks
To justify their rapes
Their murders and attacks

Too many close their eyes
To the horror these acts bring
As history now displays
We haven’t learned a thing

A product to be sold
That’s where they see our worth
They profit from our murders
Before AND AFTER birth

Many now support
This GREAT EVIL that we’re seeing
Perhaps it’s them not us
Who aren’t true human beings

I Thank God for the USA

by Harlan Brown, Nov. 11, 2020

The Bible says, "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV).

I thank God for the USA
On this our annual Veterans Day.
From founders' faith and wisdom too
Abundant blessings did ensue.

Our Constitution has us blest;
For centuries it's passed the test.
No other nation's founding doc
Has been as solid as a rock.

The checks and balances protect
From human nature's dire defect.
The founders' wisdom and foresight
Safeguard each dear God-given right.

For glorious liberty I give thanks
To the One who truly foremost ranks.
I'm thankful for free enterprise,
And government limits I do prize.

I'm grateful too for those who fought
To keep for us the freedoms bought.
"Oh, thank you, Lord" is what I say
On this our annual Veterans Day.

I'm Drinking from My Saucer

by an unknown author

I've never made a fortune,
And I'll never make one now.
It really doesn't matter,
'Cause I'm happy anyhow.
I go along life's journey,
Reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed. 

I've not a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going's tough,
But I have kids who love me,
And that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for His blessings
And the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed. 

I recall when things went wrong,
And my faith wore somewhat thin,
But all at once dark clouds broke,
And the sun peeped through again.

Lord, help me keep from griping
About tough rows that I've hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

God gives me strength and courage
When the way grows steep and rough.
I'll not ask for more blessings;
I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy
To help another bear his load.
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
Because my cup has overflowed.


by Douglas W. Comin

A baby cries
amid the straw, fresh-born into a world so strange;
Could this be God,
the eternal Son,
glorious throne for flesh exchanged?
How can this be?
What mind can grasp the untold splendor of this thing?
Almighty God,
The Lord of Hosts
in infant-form to mother clings!

Majestic One,
whose blazing beauty shineth forth to shame the dawn.
Now without form
or comeliness
that any should to him be drawn.
Creator God,
Who made and owns the cattle on a thousand hills;
Now humble, poor,
A stable floor
For solace 'gainst harsh winter chills.

Perfect Spirit,
Unhindered by the bonds of Adam's flesh-bound race,
conceived and born
in mankind's form,
with limits all of time and space.
When once He dwelt
in Heaven high, He was untouched by worldly woe.
Yet willingly
He condescends,
consents the scourge of pain to know.

And not mere pain,
but death itself, and not mere death, but cursed cross,
the Suffering Servant
stoops to bear
to purge away man's sinful dross.
Was this for me?
Did Glory stoop so low to grace this wretched orb
To set me free,
and for my sin
did He God's righteous wrath absorb?

'Tis said
in order to secure the ransom price I could not pay,
He took my form,
and bore the storm
of God's just punishment that Day.
The Lord of Glory
took my place before the unleashed wrath of God!
Like grapes His blood
beneath the feet
of His Almighty Father trod!

And had He not
consented thus, the confines of the flesh to know,
then I would face
eternal chains
to pay the penalty I owe.
What glorious grace!
The Risen Son, enthroned once more at God's right hand
has conquered death
through sacrifice
and put to shame hell's raging band!

'Come to Me,
all you who bend beneath the crushing weight of sin,'
says He,
'and I will give you rest.'
Eternal life is found in Him!

Irene, Good-night and Good-bye, Nonperson

by Harlan Brown, Aug. 27, 2011, the date that Hurricane Irene came ashore in North Carolina and began moving northward up the East Coast

Is Irene a she? Is Irene an it?
This storm led me to think a bit.
Perhaps it's not so bad to try
Hurricanes to personify.

But on the flip side, realize
Sometimes our words depersonalize.
In slave days, slaves were said to be
Animals, parasites, and property.

Today as culture 'round us worsens,
Some human beings are deemed nonpersons.
Preborns are considered to be
Potentials, garbage, and property.

Onesies, triplets, quads, or twins,
Personhood starts when life begins. 
Yet tiny persons are called, to wit,
Not "he" or "she" but merely "it."

Is a Culture of Death society
A safe place for anyone to be?
Eldercide, infirmicide, debilicide too--
Are aborticide and genocide still taboo?

When people rebel against God undaunted,
They may end up killed for being unwanted.
As Irene's winds fade and no more worsen,
Remember that each human is a person.

JOE BIDEN: The Arbiter of Blackness

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

For years they’ve cultivated
The seeds that (Lyndon) Johnson planted
Democrats have taken
The black support for granted

Their insults just continue
Yet STILL we’ve failed to see
They’ve said that we’re not smart enough
To simply show I.D.

Though slavery’s long abolished
They’ve kept up their attacks
And now they seek to tell us
Who is and IS NOT black

They view us as a product
Both our old and young
They no longer use their whips
These days they use their tongues

Joe sees us all as dirty
But asks us for our trust
He’s told us what his party
Truly thinks of us

A people subjugated
A race that’s been demeaned
Joe spoke like BHO
Was the first clean black he’d seen

And when it came to schools
Here’s what old Joe did
He did not want us blacks
Around his precious kids

In their legal system
We, blacks, are treated worst
Bill Clinton’s sometimes blamed
But Biden started first

They view us as sub- humans
Because of our skin tones
The harshest of their punishments
Reserved for us alone

Joe boasts of his great record
For blacks throughout the ages
Old Joe was instrumental
In locking us in cages

It seems we’ve been bewitched
With empty words that flatter
They murder our unborn
Then tell us black lives matter

Although they need our votes
Our lives? Inconsequential
Joe’s said that for black folks
Abortions are essential

Though slavery’s long abolished
They’ve kept up their attacks
And now Joe seeks to tell us
Who is and IS NOT black

JOE KNOWS US: Black Leaders

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

Joe knows that we are loyal
With reason cast aside
He knows we’ll still support him
As so- called leaders lie

Aside from casting votes
Joe views us of no worth
They’ll pass their laws to slay us
Before AND AFTER Birth

With help from our black leaders
Joe treats us as he will
For even though they slay us
Yet we trust them still

Convinced to murder children
Through acts both cruel and mean
Black leaders lend support
To Sanger’s Evil dream

Joe knows that they can murder
Our nephews sons and nieces
Betrayed by our black leaders
For their own thirty pieces

They’ve sold out their own people
By placing riches first
And as black leaders prosper
Blacks go from bad to worse

Joe’s witnessed it for decades
As black leaders have shown
That for 30 pieces
They’ll sacrifice their own

Joe knows they’ll spread their lies
Without fact or basis
Sowing seeds of hate
By calling others racist

And STILL we fail to see
This betrayal decades old
Joe knows that he can count on them
To do just as they're told

Joe knows that our black leaders
Would sell us ALL to hell
Seems Clyburn got it right
Joe knows THEM very well


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

This is a generation
Much like before the flood
Men run to spread pure evil
Make haste to shed my blood (Proverbs 1:16)

Wicked and deceptive
In everything they do
With sixty million murders
To enrich the few

The (legal) right to murder children
Is their precious gem
To maintain their positions
Like Christ I’ve been condemned

In Satan’s great machine
They serve as useful cogs
They prey upon the helpless
Much like rabid dogs (Psalm 59:6)

They pass their many laws
Engulfing me like water (Psalm 88:17)
Their policies designed
To send me to the slaughter

They’d make themselves our kings
Allied with men in robes (Micah 7:3)
They seek to spread this evil
All across the globe

They seek to see me slaughtered
Before I’ve drawn a breath
And just like Jesus Christ
Mobs call for my death

They eat the bread of evil
And drink the wine of violence (Proverbs 4:16, 17)
They end my precious life
Proud of their defiance

Daily forging evil (Romans 1:30)
The wicked will not rest (Proverbs 4:16)
They plot out my destruction
Then mutilate my flesh (Philippians 3:2)

Guilty of no crimes
My short life ends in woe
Those who wield great power (Psalm 59:3)
Have placed me on death roe

In a nation claiming Christ
The Church’s been mostly muted
Guilty of no crimes
Like Christ I’m executed

My bones are all exposed
And now they stare and gloat (Psalm 22:17)
Like products I am sold
For riches and for votes

They’ve pierced my tiny hands (Psalm 22:16)
They’ve slashed my tender feet
And now just like the dragon
My body some would eat (Revelation 12:4)

Unlike Christ the savior
My BODY’S what they part
They’ve given a new meaning(Psalm 22:18)
To stealing someone’s heart

And now they end my life
While drawing my first breath
Barabbas (Murderers) gets compassion
Like Christ, I’m led to death

When Christians lend support
To this horror that men do
Then Christ the Righteous King
Is crucified anew (Hebrews 6:5,6)

A nation turns away
As daily I am slayed
By those that I should trust
Like Christ I’ve been betrayed

Look Again and Consecrate

by Harlan Brown, Jan. 26, 2016

Inspiration for this poem (which can be sung as a song) came while I was reading the January 26 and 27 devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

Look again and consecrate. Look again and think.
Look again and separate. Focus and rethink.
Separate from everything but what God wants you to do.
Obey and rightly relate to Him, and He'll watch over you.

Look again. Oh, look again. Don't worry about your life.
Worldly cares and guileful wealth and lust for things are rife.
Jesus knows our circumstances better than we do.
Our relationship with God comes first. To Him be always true.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Common sense is gone
There’s not even an iota
Seems they’ve succumbed to madness
Out there in Minnesota

In spite of the destruction
And violence that they saw
These geniuses now want
To dismantle the law

They’d eliminate police
And then consequently
Enforce our nation’s laws
With people like Dirk Gently

And how will they respond
To crooks with guns and knives
The ground work would be laid
For massive loss of lives

And so one city council
Has advanced a plan
For lawlessness and crimes
All across the land

Their plan is quite foolhardy
And does not make good sense
But THEY (City Council) will be protected
At taxpayer’s expense

To keep this council safe
The people have to pay
To the hefty tune
Of four grand every day

Endangering the folks
They give themselves a pass
This is a common theme
Among the ruling class

Common sense is gone
There’s not even an iota
Seems they’ve succumbed to madness
Out there in Minnesota


by Marilou Morgan, Oct. 10, 1976, while she was a missionary in South America

Lord, we are so very happy today
As we think of Thy blessings sent our way.
Thank You so much for all You have done,
For the valleys low and the victories won.

Thank you for loving us and caring so much,
For the little pricks and the gentle touch,
For the lessons learned, the grace bestowed
As we yield to Thee our heavy load.

Closer, yes, closer, to Thee may we grow
Till with Thy love our hearts overflow
That others may see what has happened to us
Since in Thee, our Savior, we put our trust.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

When freedom needed allies
They answered freedom’s call
Heroic men and women
Who bravely gave their all

With honor and distinction
Their all is what they gave
They fought for life and liberty
Down to their very graves

For freedom here at home
They proudly took a stand
And held not back their lives
For those in foreign lands

I count them as the best
In this land we trod
They stood up for our flag
And knelt before our God

Those from WW2
Who stood strong for our nation
And earned the reputation
Of our greatest generation

Their actions in Korea
Prevented what might be
A worldwide war of nations
Preventing WW3

In opposing communism
Many endured harm
In the unforgiving jungles of
A place called Viet-Nam

For many who’ve returned
Look closely and you’ll find
Some still baring scars
In their bodies and their minds(PTSD)

In defense of freedom
With precision they performed
They’d liberate Kuwait
During Desert Storm

With Enduring Freedom
We launched a war on terror
And many sacrificed their lives
To show our foes their error

Bin- Laden would discover
He could run but could not hide
The day he was discovered
Was the day Bin-Laden died

Ambushes by Al-Qaida
And ISIS sneak attacks
They fought and died on foreign soil
Just to free Iraq

They’ve sacrificed themselves
To ensure that others lived
In acts of selfless valor
(They) gave all they had to give

Parents, husbands, daughters
Sons and loving wives
In defense of freedom
They gave their very lives

With honor and distinction
Their all is what they gave
They fought for life and liberty
Down to their very graves


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

Here’s to the selfless ones
Who bravely gave their all
When freedom needed heroes
They answered freedom’s call

Today we honor those
Who fought until they fell
For freedom and for justice
They’d storm the gates of hell

In defense of hope and freedom
They fought for many years
Some paid the final price
Their families left in tears

All who’ve ever served
Had pledged their very lives
Today we honor those
Who paid that dreadful price

And to the men and women
Who stand now in their place
We pray for God’s protection
His guidance and his grace

In memory of them
We look back and reflect
Their sacrifice and honor
Deserve our great respect

Leaving husbands, daughters
Parents sons and wives
For duty, honor, country
They gave their very lives

For those who knew and loved them
What a price to pay
The thought of them remains
Every night and day

Today we honor those
Who’d fight until they’d fall
All who served were willing
Some gave their very all


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

Monsters do exist
They look like me and you
The thing that makes them monsters
The evil things they do

Monsters do exist
Devoted to self- gain
Self- serving and quite wicked
They’ve sucked out babies’ brains

Monsters do exist
They’re EVIL loud and brash
Some have been known to toss
Live babies in the trash

Monsters are for real
They’re baffling to the mind
Some have even boasted
Of cutting babies spines

Monsters do exist
They’re heartless and they’re mean
Cutting babies throats
So that they cannot scream

Monsters are among us
They’re wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing
Enemies of right
They’re filled with hate and loathing

Monsters are for real
They find child murder funny
The unborn daily slaughtered
For convenience and for money

Monsters do exist
Their joy is killing babies
Heartless and cold blooded
Like the Wolf with deadly rabies

Monsters are for real
They often preach of choice
They’ve cut babies vocal chords
So that they have no voice

Monsters are among us
They walk in human form
Their passion and their pleasure
To slaughter the unborn (and newly born)

Evil thrives among us
They find child murder fine
More wicked and more deadly
Than Shelley’s Frankenstein

Monsters do exist
Scripture call them lost
Like vampires of legend
They’re repulsed by Jesus’ Cross

Evil lives among us
Wicked with no shame
Like the Pharisees and demons
They’re angered by Christ’s name

These monsters fill the earth
What more can I say
For now we live in times
Much like Noah’s day

Their belly is their god
There is no love for any
Just like the demon legion
Their numbers are so many

Monsters do exist
The unborn are their sport
What makes it even sadder
They have so much support

A Mother's Love

by Douglas W. Comin

That snowy cold December morn
our first and only child was born.
And as the snowflakes fell to earth
a greater beauty had its birth:
a beauty sent from up above,
the wonder of a mother's love.

Into this world of woe and sorrow
he sprang to see his first tomorrow.
Tiny fists were clenched so tight,
eyes adjusting to the light,
when suddenly his gaze met thine;
a face so lovely, so divine;
a look as gentle as a dove,
the wonder of a mother's love.

And as his eyes began to range
across this face so new, so strange
he had no words that might describe
the joy that swept in like the tide,
nor could she speak; so filled with wonder,
swelled with awe like gentle thunder.
Two smiles broke forth
and then both wept,
and later, as the baby slept
he felt contentment like a glove,
the wonder of a mother's love.

These early days I call to mind
and in their memory I find
a confirmation true and clear
that God's good grace is surely near.
His blessings here are plain to see:
my Lord, my home, my family;
my treasured bride, a prize so rare
that richest gold could not compare;
a son, so blessed, the object of
the wonder of a mother's love.

A MOTHER’S LOVE: Happy Mother’s Day

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

There is a special job
Important to the world
It requires much commitment
It’s touched each boy and girl

This important job
It receives no (monetary) pay
The workers are on duty
Each night and every day

From conception all through birth
This job is just beginning
Once this job has started
This labor has no ending

This job involves receiving
A gift from God above
The labor it requires
Complete and selfless love

It is an occupation
To which few can compare
Disappointment, joy, frustration
These are all found there

This life-long occupation
Is unlike any other
For few jobs can compare
To that of a mother

They’ve put their children first
For many years they’ve served
So render to your mother
The love that she deserves

For all the Godly mothers
I thank my God above
For few things can compare
To a mother’s love

MURDER BEGETS MURDER: Abortion and Mass Shootings

by Mark Linen, posted 2022/04/13

With instruments of torture
And wielding tools of death
Determined that small babes
Will never draw a breath

They murder tiny children
Our daughters and our sons
Would there be calls for action
If they were using guns?

Limbs torn from their bodies
Their tiny sculls are crushed
Gripped with tools of torture
As body fluids gush

Life has been devalued
And yet some are surprised
When wicked folks with guns
Take other people’s lives

After these mass shootings
They’re (Politicians) always casting blame
But in killing newborn children
They truly have no shame

The murder of small babies
Has too long been accepted
And the sixth commandment (Thou Shalt Not Murder)
Our nation has rejected

When evil is promoted
We should expect more violence
Reaping what we’ve sown
Since the lamb(Jesus Christ) was silenced

Satan’s wicked minions
Kill our daughters and our sons
Would there be more outrage
If they were using guns?

Our nation is consumed
With many acts of violence
Well publicized mass shootings
And babes who’ve died in silence (over 60, 000, 000)

Our leaders send the message
That life, it has no worth
They murder tiny children 
Before and AFTER birth

You’ll see them (Politicians) on the news
Campaigning for top billing
Assigning blame to others
Because of these mass killings

When a nation kills its children
In acts of brutal slaughter
There should be no surprise
That murder begets murder

MURDER IS OK: When Government is God

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

Murder is OK
If my party says it’s so
I’ll empower them to slaughter
Then pretend I didn’t know

Let murder reign supreme
All through this land we trod
Murder can be great
When government is god

Pharaoh had no qualms
As babes drew their first breaths
He issued his decrees
Condemning them to death

Murder can be fine
Herod thought it through
Then proceeded to kill babes
Up to the age of two

And then there’s Athaliah
Who did an EVIL thing
To ensure a seat of power
She killed her own offspring

Behold the Great Red Dragon
On his heads ten horns
He sought to murder Christ
As soon as he was born

Murder is OK
It’s started at the polls
As democrats now fill
These evil figure’s roles

If my party says it’s so
Murder can be fine
Not even words from Christ
Can hope to sway my mind

Murder can be fine
SO WHAT if they suffer
I’ll call the right all racist
That will be my buffer

Murder now is cheered
With no pity and no grace
As democrats now take
These wicked killers places

And how will folks respond
At the judgement day
Will they tell the righteous King
That murder was O.K.

When Christians support murder
I find it oh so odd
Do they truly worship Christ
Or is government their god

MURDER IS OK: When We Worship Man

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

Murder is OK
If my party says it’s so
I’ll lend them my support
ignoring what I know (Thou Shalt Not Murder)

if my party says it’s so
murder can be fine
I’ll close my eyes and ears
And put it from my mind

Murder is OK
If my party says it’s so
If they lead me straight to hell
Then I’ll simply go

Murder is just fine
These babes deserve no pity
If my party says we must
We’ll become the bloody city

I’ll support these wicked murders
All across this land
Murder can be fine
When we worship man

These murders aren’t my fault
As far as I can glean
I’ll support these brutal murders
Then pretend my hands are clean

In the name of politics
I’ll support these savage slaughters
To kill our unborn sons
And murder newborn daughters

Murder can be fine
If we simply change the name
We can slaughter newborn babes
Without a hint of shame

With reproductive freedoms
And terms like women’s health
They’ve worked for Sanger’s group
And brought enormous wealth

Murder can be fine
And Christ will understand
That he takes second place
While we worship man


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/18

My limbs are ripped from joints
My organs crushed and torn
Condemned to execution
Before I’m ever born

They’ve unleashed on me
The death that they’d avoid
They say that it’s their right
To see that I'm destroyed

For me there’ll be no birthdays
No schooling no proposals
Just terror pain and death
And then unmarked disposal

Not seen as God’s great gift
Sent from up above
Instead I find I’m hated
Described as being un-loved

They’ve done unto me
That which they’d avoid
They claim that It’s their body

Every time I’M KILLED
Someone gains more wealth
They justify these murders
And call them women’s health

For me there’ll be no play dates
No mercy and no grace
As murder now invades
What should be my safe place

As Satan’s tool draws nigh
I scream in horrid fear
Because I have no voice
There’s no one there to hear

These acts are PLAINLY MURDER
Of that there is NO DOUBT
They’re children of their father
His acts they’ll carry out

Guilty of no crimes
I’m tortured and I’m slayed
By those that I should trust
Like Christ, I’ve been betrayed

And now when born alive
With a crying voice
For those intent on murder
Still I have no choice

MY BODY, NO CHOICE: Guilty on Arrival

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/04

No birthdays for me
Just torture and pain
Although I’m destroyed
They count it as gain

Finances for some
Convenience for others
My life now snuffed out
Demonically smothered

I’m daily executed
By those who preach of choice
I’m denied a say in this
Because I have no voice

As Satan’s tool approaches
I scream in horrid fear
Because I have no choice
No one seems to care

And now when born alive
With a crying voice
For those intent on murder
Still I have no choice

They’ve done unto me
That which they’d avoid
They claim that It’s THEIR body

Loyal to wicked Sanger
For me they seek extinction
They now make NO distinction

I’m burned I’m drowned I’m poisoned
My body cut and slashed
Sometimes when born alive
They’ll toss me in the trash

For me no loving welcome
Just torture pain and woe
Guilty of no crimes
They’ve placed me on death roe

They’ll strangle me to death
To ensure there’s no survival
In their wicked minds
I’m guilty on arrival


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

My love she is a gift
From the Lord above
I get a peaceful feeling
Just walking with my love

My love is a romantic
The kind of love you keep
With a soothing voice
That puts me right to sleep

My love can be so soft
But oftentimes she’s hard
She sometimes has a rhythm
Poetic like a bard

My love’s not always perfect
She sometimes comes unraveled
She’s great when I’m at home
But a problem when I travel

My love can be decisive
But often times she’s fickle
Sometimes she’s torrential
Other times a trickle

My love can’t be replaced
And sometimes comes with pain
In just the right amounts
Oh how I love The Rain.

My love she is a gift
From the Lord above
I get a peaceful feeling
Just walking with my love

My love is a reminder
Of the Savior’s blood
The first time she appeared
There was a worldwide flood

A type of judgement day
Another, yet to come
A day when all mankind
Will stand before the Son

Mysterious in nature
She’s quite an awesome wonder
Sometimes when she arrives
It’s with lightning and with thunder

The thunders rolling boom
Combined with flashing lights
My love is magnified
In the darkness of the night

My love is a restorer
Of the rivers and the lakes
Sometimes when she leaves
There's a rainbow in her wake

My love is a reminder
it speaks in sounds so plain
That when the Savior comes
He’ll wash away our pains

I get a host of feelings
My hope is not in vain
I love the feel and sounds
Of the falling rain

MY LOVE: The Falling Rain

NEVER FORSAKEN (Deuteronomy 3:18)

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/04/13

They went through many trials
You’d think that they’d be shaken
But they trusted in their God
And they were not forsaken

The little shepherd boy (David)
On God he was reliant
While the mighty hid
He slayed a fearful giant (1 Samuel 17:1–53)

Those faithful Hebrew boys
By God they were avenged
Though meant to burn to death
Yet not a hair was singed (Daniel 3:1-30)

Daniel was a lad
Whisked away from Zion
Condemned to be devoured
God saved him from the lions (Daniel 6:1-28)

The Israelites were trapped
Not knowing what to do
God split the Sea of Red
And let them pass right through (Exodus 14:1-32)

Sold enslaved condemned
A truly righteous man
Joseph would become
The ruler of the lands (Genesis 37- Genesis 50)

Those righteous men of old
Their faiths were never shaken
In their hearts they knew
They’d never be forsaken

To shake you from your faith
This world will surely try
I’ll keep my faith in God
Until the day I die

I’ll praise and honor him
So long as I draw breath
I’ll keep my faith in God
Up until my death

In this world of woe
Of decadence and vice
The promise is made sure
For those who know my Christ

When I read the book
I know I’m not mistaken
For those who trust in God
They will not be forsaken

NO GREATER HATE: What Liberal Politicians Really Think of Blacks

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/21

They’ve asked for our dear children
And we’ve said here they are
Accused everyone of racism
When they’re the worst by far

Just like their hero Sanger
They view us as a waste
Worthy of disposal,
There is no greater hate

We’ve eaten up the lie
That they seek our good
They’ve placed their slaughterhouses
In black neighborhoods

They view us as a blight
They’ve called us human waste
Worth more when aborted,
There is no greater hate

Black lives truly matter
I’ve often heard that quote
In these(babies) they see no value
Since they cannot vote

At great expense to us
With death they’ve made a pact
We listen to their words
But ignore their EVIL acts

Black lives really matter
I’ve often heard them say
But to them we only count
On election day

They woo us for our votes
Then kill our children later
Wicked and deceptive,
There is no hate that’s greater.

None are quite as blind
As those who will not see
They laugh and say we lack the sense
To even show I.D.

Should I speak or write the truth
Oh how some do protest
Politics comes first,
Black lives are second best

My people now reduced
Much like endangered eagles
Now they turn their minds
To wooing the illegals

In support of Sanger’s vision
I’ve no need to debate
They slaughter small black children,
There is no greater hate


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

Not too long ago
Righteous men and ladies
While on the campaign trail
Would be found kissing babies

But my how times have changed
Iniquity abounds
We search for righteous leaders
But few are ever found

In this bloody age
Some hope to get ahead
Instead of kissing babies
By killing them instead

They boast of killing children
Before they draw a breath
With their wicked words
They blow a kiss of death

No longer gentle kisses
Just death and brutal slaughter
As democrats destroy
Our newborn sons and daughters

They sugar coat dark deeds
With frigid frosty lips
To the helpless and unborn
They bring death’s icy kiss

They boast of women’s health
And call themselves pro- choice
To justify the slaughter
Of those who have no voice

When the books are read
They’ll surely tell the tale
Of how murder was promoted
On the bloody campaign trail



by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

Our legacies erased
Before they have begun
For us there’ll be no children
No daughters and no sons

For us there’ll be no weddings
No husbands and no wives
Though briefly we did live
We’ve been denied our lives

Scripture gave the warning
That men would love themselves
Were left alone to die
Placed on metal shelves

Submerged in salty acids
Our bodies crushed and torn
By those who seek to kill us
Before we’re ever born

They sell our parts for riches
That’s where they see our worth
And now they’ve claimed a right
To kill us AFTER birth

A world consumed with violence
Like before the flood
Denying us our lives
Though made from the same blood

For us there was no mercy
Our legacies denied
Torn and ripped asunder
As silently we’ve cried

They’ve killed us now for years
Before we’d draw a breath
Wicked and deceptive
They profit from our deaths

The children of their father (John 8:44)
A people with no hearts
Now when born alive
They’ll kill us for our parts



by Mark Linen, posted on Facebook on April 1, 2020

Pray for our neighbors
Our sisters and brothers
Especially these babes
Betrayed by their mothers

The same God that made us
Also made them (Job 31:15).
Pray for an end
To this national sin

We pray for these things
With no hint of shame
We pray for these babes
In Christ’s holy name (John 14:14)

They cut them to pieces
And burn off their skins (Micah 3:2,3.)
And then celebrate
This national sin

These brutal acts
Should move men to tears(Jeremiah 9:1)
But since 73
it seems no one cares

The most basic right(life)
It has been rejected
The murder of children
Now more than accepted

so pray for these babes
again and again
one day we’ll be judged
for this national sin

Pray While You Work

by Harlan Brown, March 9, 2013

Pray while you work;
Pray while you play.
Give thanks to God;
That is the way.

Sing praise to God
With all your might.
Things done by God
Are all done right.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

To murder tiny children
Is their greatest passion
Before OR AFTER birth
It matters not the fashion

They target those poor people (Blacks)
That Sanger deemed a blight
To murder the unborn
They’ve deemed a human right

The right to life denied
They’ve claimed a right to slaughter
To kill our unborn sons
And murder unborn daughters

No need for US to think
Or bother with debate
THEY will think for us
And TELL us WHO to hate

In the leftist minds
We’re viewed as mindless sheeple
A product to be used
And still not yet a people

In pursuit of Sanger’s dream
Which sadly we support
They’ve deemed us better off
When choosing to abort

The right to life denied
They’ve claimed a right to slaughter
To kill our unborn sons
And murder newborn daughters

Instead of standing up
And seeking their removal
At the ballot box
We give them our approval

They’ve covered their true motives
With half-truths and outright lies
They’ve convinced us to participate
In our own demise

Proficient in their lies
Deceptions and their thefts
Child murder is a cherished
Product of the left

READ IT IN THE BOOK: Silence is Consent

by Mark Linen, posted on Facebook on 2022/04/13

The most helpless of us all
Destroyed in deadly violence
While those who preach of love
Consent with their own silence

Read it in the book
Religion it is strange
For since the days of Christ
It seems not much has changed(Matthew 15:8)

Murder is ignored
While helpless babies die
Like the Levite and the Priest
The church keeps passing by (Luke 10:31,32)

The enemies of life
Destroy our sons and daughters
While most won’t even speak
In protest of these slaughters (Proverbs 31:8,9)

Dare to speak the truth
Of these babies pain and woe
And in the eyes of some
You’ve now become the foe (Galatians 4:16)

For politics and men (John 12: 42-43)
Some support what they oppose
In the choice of life and death (Deuteronomy 30:19)
Death is what they chose

This act is deadly murder
It will be judged in time
Those who support these deeds
Have joined them in their crimes (John 1:10-11)

Read it in the book
The helpless we should save(Proverbs 24:11)
These babes go from the womb
And straight down to their graves

Like the Levite and the Priest
The (self)righteous pass on by
And refuse to even speak
As helpless babies die

And how will we respond
When judgement is let loose (John 12:48)
Knowing fully well
That we have no excuse (Proverbs 24:12)

Should I speak or write the truth
Some Christians they protest
Politics come first
Christ MIGHT BE second best

Choose who you will serve(Joshua 24:15)
The Savior will take note (Revelation 20:12)
Christ the righteous king
Or those who seek your votes (Galatians 4:17)

Like sheep among the wolves
The righteous they are sent (Matthew 10:16)
If they refuse to speak (Proverbs 31:8,9)
They’ve given their consent 

Silence IS consent
It’s written in the book
It’s not that hard to find
If we’d only look


by Mark Linen, posted on Facebook on 2020/03/18

In murdering small children
The wicked seem hell bent
We’ve appealed for some compassion
But still they won’t relent

Enacting wicked laws (Isaiah 10:1)
To help expand these slaughters
They assassinate our sons
And exterminate our daughters

They’ve draped themselves in white
These agents sent from hell
They’ve cleaned the outer tombs (Matthew 23:25)
These modern Jezebels

No mercy will they show ((Romans 1:30,31)
To nephews or to nieces
With their tools of death
They’ll dash them all to pieces (Isaiah 13:18)

They ARE their father’s children (John 8:44)
Refusing to relent
To spread his wicked deeds
I’ve found that they’re hell bent

To murder tiny children
This party, they have sworn
They’ll kill them in the womb
OR AFTER they’ve been born (Revelation 12:4)

They can’t resist the urge (Proverbs 4:16,17)
To do their father’s work
When child murder was decried
Old Schumer slyly smirked

We’ve sought to find compassion
Appeals for mercy sent
But Satan has resisted
Refusing to relent

Steadfast in their mission
To murder day to day
If this virus doesn’t kill these babes
They’ll find another way

RESPIRATORY ARREST: In The Custody of Death

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

We’ve seen this act before
It’s horrid and it’s strange
Years since Eric Garner
And some folks STILL won’t change

But we must refrain from doing
What’s sometimes done to us
We must not paint ALL cops
With the broad stroke of one brush

The death of Mr. Floyd
It simply makes no sense
For what’s been done to him
There’s truly NO DEFENSE

Handcuffed and subdued
He made just one request
Someone help me please
For I can’t catch my breath

Once is just too much
These acts just have to stop
An unarmed black man killed
By over -zealous cops

The others (officers) just looked on
And none spoke up with reason
NO WONDER some folks think
On blacks it’s open season

Still we must refrain
From what’s sometimes done to us
We cannot paint all cops
With one simple brush

Just like Eric Garner
He could not catch his breath
THESE cops would not let up
And strangled them to death

Robbed of their protections
From our constitution
Their encounters with the law
Now seem like executions

The simplest of requests
Please help I have no breath
A plea that was ignored
In ( the) custody of death


by Mark Linen, posted on 2022/04/13

Satan threw a party
To celebrate his wins
For all his wicked minions
Who revel in their sins

They boasted of the many
That they had deceived
Recalled with joy that day
The serpent spoke to Eve

They showed great admiration
For those who have no shame
They spoke of their disgust
At hearing Jesus’ name

They defended 9/11
And all its gruesome horrors
They laughed and cheered the men
Of Sodom and Gomorrah

They celebrated wars
And all the men that died
Then spoke of their great joy
When Christ was crucified

Satan threw a party
For all those he had sent
He gathered them together
Under one big tent

They loudly laughed at Christians
Who fall for Satan’s tricks
Who support his deeds
And call it politics

A cruel and heartless lot
They’d celebrate the slaughters
Of many newborn sons
And countless unborn daughters

They spoke of coming plans
For little girls and boys
Of using schools to groom them
For perverts as sex toys

Others there were honored
Largely on one basis
For manipulating blacks
While calling others racist

Satan threw a party
For all those he had sent
He spoke of their deceptions
And of their big tent

At Satan’s wicked party
All forms of evil lurked
They voiced their admiration
For Margaret Sanger’s work

They glorified the wicked
Who took away men’s choices
Then toasted all the murders
Of those who have no voices

They cheered the Devil’s minions
Whose evil never stops
Who seek police defunding
By demonizing cops

They praised the deadly costs
Of having open borders
While honoring those men
Despising law and order

They then proposed a toast
And looked back with reflection
At the evil they could wreak
When cheating at elections

They lauded wicked men
Supporting terror nations
All these things they did
At Satan’s celebration

They honored Satan’s servants
In the world of man
Who mourned for terror lords
And gave billions to Iran

They highly praised those gals
Filled with vile and hate
Who love those terror nations
But loathe the Jewish state

Satan threw a party
For all those he had sent
He spoke of their deceptions
And of their big tent

They honored his dark minions
Who hate the Jewish land
And gave a thumbs up to the man
Who armed the Taliban

Demonic vile ungodly
They laughed and cheered quite hearty
At all the wicked deeds they’d done
There at Satan’s party


by Mark Linen, posted on 2020/04/13

Mary had a little lamb
From schools he’s been expelled
Where ever heaven’s been cast out
The void gets filled by hell

Where children used to laugh and play
Now they run and hide
Where Mary’s Lamb once held a seat
The dragon now resides

Parents thoughts no longer are
Did their child have fun
Foremost now on their minds
Are maniacs with guns

Young generations now consumed
With little more than self
Society must now contend
With failing mental health

In our schools and in our homes
Our young display aggression
And sadly there has been a rise
In drug use and depression

Morality now frowned upon
We revel in our sins
Where the Lamb has been cast out
The dragon soon moves in

We've seen a change in our young
Since removing prayer
Where once we witnessed playful joy
Now there's just despair

Hopelessness now run amok
Which lead to suicides
Where Christ has been evicted
Satan now resides

Too many of our young lives lost
So many that have died
As even Christian pastors
Have cast the lamb aside

Child murder called a “human right”
Some claim a right to slaughter
As leftist rush to pass their laws
To kill our sons and daughters

We live now in an age
Of deception death and violence
As we reap what we have sown
Since the Lamb was silenced.

A Slack Hand Causes Poverty

by Harlan Brown

A slack hand causes poverty,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.
A slack hand causes poverty,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.

Being so lazy is really quite crazy,
For diligence helps lead to true success.
A slack hand causes poverty,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.
A slack hand causes poverty,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.

Go to the ant, O sluggard; go to the ant today.
Go to the ant, O sluggard, and carefully consider her way.
Having no chief or ruler, she works in summer heat,
Gathering food for winter; then she has plenty to eat.
How long will you, O sluggard, lie there and oversleep?
Do you not know, O sluggard, what you sow is what you will reap?
Lying in idle slumber, you fold your hands to rest.
Poverty soon attacks you; laziness will not be bless'd.
Wake now, O sleeping worker, awaken from your sleep!
Wake now, O sleeping worker, and you'll find a harvest to reap!

A slack hand causes poverty,
But the hand of the diligent makes rich.

A Spring Night Outside Our House

by Harlan Brown, May 19, 2010

The crickets chirp in our back yard.
A pale moon glistens in the sky,
And in the ditch and nearby creek
A frog choir sings a lullaby.

Like upright, silent sentinels
Tall maples, oaks, and sweet gums stand.
Across the road a street light glares.
Tree shadows stretch across the land.

The grass is damp from recent rain.
The croaking creatures now rejoice,
And mankind hears their glad refrain,
The sound of nature's nighttime voice.

Ten Things That I Am Thankful For

by Harlan Brown, Oct. 14, 2020

The Bible says, "Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change" (James 1:17 ESV).

Thank You, God, for Your awesome creation.
Thank You, God, for Your plan of salvation.
Thank You, God, for the gift of life.
Thank You, God, for my lovely wife.

For the spiritual gifts You give;
For the house in which we now live.
Thank You, God, for food and water.
Thank You for our son and daughter.

Thank You, God, for every brother.
Thank You for my dad and mother.
These are things I'm thankful for.
I could write a whole lot more.

Thank You, God

by Harlan Brown, August 4, 2017

Thank You, God, for the gift of life.
Thank You, God, for my lovely wife.
Thank You, God, for Your holy Son.
Thank You, God, for the things He's done.

Thank You, God, for the rights He waived.
Thank You, God. By His life we're saved.
Thank You, God, for the death He died.
Thanks. By faith we are sanctified.

Thank You, God. By His wounds we're healed.
Thank You, God, for the truth revealed.
Thank You, God, for the love You bring.
Thank You, God, for our coming King.

Thank You, God, for the Spirit's sword.
Thank You, God, for our glorious Lord.
Most of all, God, please help us love
By the power that's from above.

The Chiefs, the People, the Jab, the Choice

by Harlan Brown, Sept. 18, 2021, added a stanza on Sept. 19

"I want to save lives," says Commander-in-chief.
"We have too much death, and it's causing much grief.
I have a solution: The jab you must take.
'Your body, my choice' is the rule I now make."

"Dictator and tyrant I now imitate,
Just trust me, please trust me, before it's too late.
So hurry, don't dawdle, and we all will win.
And don't hesitate as my patience wears thin."

"Now wait just a minute!" we gasp in dismay.
"You have no right to take health freedom away.
We each have the right to our informed consent,
Yes, even if truly the jab is well-meant.

We've seen videos of those sadly disabled.
The fact-checkers claim that the cause is mislabeled.
We wonder if really the jab is the cause.
The high rising numbers for sure give us pause.

Reports have been filed claiming thousands of deaths.
That hundreds of thousands claim harm takes our breaths.
And Harvard discovered re reports' extent
That VAERS captures less than a mere one per cent.

If jabs harm a patient, the patient can't sue,
Even if harm was to negligence due.
Jabs don't stop infection and don't stop transmission.
That puts the poor jabbed in an awkward position.

A broadcaster sought unjabbed who had regrets
So jab-hesitants could receive epithets.
The broadcaster with swift responses pain-studded
From 39,000 jab-injured was flooded.

So questions arise over how chiefs are counting
And also as life-saving treatments are mounting.
The chiefs do not want to allow a discussion.
Just march to the drumbeat of strict, stern percussion!

The facts of the jab are a source of division.
Big Tech holds the jab-hesitant in derision.
The safety of jabs is not just the sole issue.
There's testing of jabs that employ fetal tissue.

That leads to the question of whom we can trust.
Commander-in-chief has a view that's unjust.
For culture of life the chief just has no room.
He's for the mass murder of babes in the womb.

And three-lettered agencies go right along.
Aborticide as birth control is their song.
The Chief Doctor blithely spends taxpayers' money
For fresh parts from quick-butchered babies to study.

We call for repentance with our daily breath.
Our nation is cursed with a culture of death.
For justice and mercy we lift up our voice.
Forgiveness or judgment--God gives us a choice.

THE GOP: Faux-Life?

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/10

We’ve empowered them to act
They do nothing instead
After their in place
Babes still end up dead

What is it that they fear
What is it that they doubt
Should the unborn now be saved
The pro-life (voters) would not turn out?

Or can it possibly be
That this is their chosen trick
To use these precious babes
Like carrots on a stick

So day after day
We see these babes demise
While those who are faux-life
Keep feeding us their lies

They’ll claim to be pro-life
And after they have won
They’ll toss us bits and pieces
But little has been done

They keep us hanging on
I’ve seen this in the past
With temporary progress
That never seems to last

They’ll rage against these murders
Till after they have won(elections)
Then they’ll turn around
And help provide them(abortionists) funds

Despite their spoken rhetoric
Millions now are dead
Are they truly pro-life
Or just faux-life instead

But we must not give up
In this land we trod
For duty it is ours
But results belong to God

The People of God Have Been a Blessing to Me

by Harlan Brown, October 28, 2020

The Bible says, "I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy" (Philippians 1:3-4 ESV).

The people of God have been a blessing to me.
We pray for each other; that's the way it should be.
Kind words of encouragement can foster such glee.
The cards, calls, and emails come.

Last year in the hospital the visitors came.
While I was in rehab it was more of the same.
I'm thankful for them; I could now call them by name.
Let's praise God and beat the drum!

When I got back home my life at first was quite hard.
Two brothers came over and did mow all our yard.
The people who cared I now esteem and regard
As servants of Jesus Christ.

I'm blessed with a pastor preaching Jesus as Lord.
God's word is for us a mighty spiritual sword.
The teachings online help keep us in one accord.
These blessings cannot be priced.

THE RULING CLASS: Hypocrites of the Highest Order^

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

They’ll share a world of wealth
With their sons and daughters
These mighty privileged folks
Of the highest order

There’s nothing that they’re lacking
Of all our worldly needs
Yet they’re seeking more
With never ending greed

Those monsters on the left
Consider us their fools
They fly their private jets
But say WE should car pool

They live behind high walls
(With) guards posted at their gates
But tell US border walls
Are forged with racial hate

They send their precious children
To cushy private schools
But say for ours to go
Is just against the rules

On foreign interference
We often hear them quote
But then they’ll seek to tell us
To let illegals vote

They travel with armed guards
To keep THEM safe from harm
But claim that you and I
Should not have firearms

They nurture their own children
But kill our sons and daughters
The left are hypocrites
Of the highest order

They’d force these things on us
But give themselves a pass
They’re arrogant and heady
They are the ruling class

THOSE ON THE LEFT HAND (Matthew 25:41)

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Those on the left
Think they’re better than you
They think they can tell you
Just what to do

What you should eat
And what you should drink
HOW you should feel
And WHAT you should think

They come up with rules
For you to follow
Applied to themselves
Those rules ring hollow

They harp about freedoms
They harp about choices
Then demonize
Opposing voices

The left they are expert
At running our lives
For us they make laws
That they won’t play by

Their hate for our nation
They just cannot hide
Our founding values
They will not abide

Christ, he’s intolerant
(Unborn) Babies aren’t people
(Biblical) Marriage is hateful
Christians are sheeple

Serving themselves
They mislead the masses (Romans 16:18)
Lying to groups
Races and classes

Their arguments all
Rely on one basis
ALL disagreement
They label racist

Their weapons of choice
Division and hate
With false accusations
Instead of debate

They won’t tolerate
Info that’s real
Facts do not matter
Just how THEY FEEL

Deception and lies
For them are the norm
They are of their father
His acts they’ll perform (John 8:44)


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

When I heard the horrid news
My mind was filled with rage
Of a public lynching
In this day and age

He told them that he couldn’t breathe
But with his life they toyed
Ignored his desperate pleas for help
Then MURDERED Mr. Floyd

The story of a single man
Who’d been subdued and bound
Cruelly then put on display
And MURDERED on the ground

I mourned for him the day I heard
And every day since then
Bound and slowly tortured
Killed by WICKED men

Emotion overflows my cup
Each day gets sadder yet
I’m overcome with pain and grief
For this man I’ve never met

My rage has now subsided
My grief has gotten worse
His story’s gotten sadder still
From when I heard it first

I mourned for him on yesterday
My soul consumed with grief
His image branded on my mind
There’s been no true relief

In my mind I can’t turn off
This image we’ve been seeing
Such things should never happen to
A single human being

Grief has over filled my heart
(My) emotions still a storming
For many more tomorrows
I know I’ll still be mourning

TOMORROW MOURNING: The Brutal Murder of George Floyd

Train to Somewhere

by Harlan Brown, August 11, 2001

I hear the whistle blowing
O'er the pine trees in the park.
The engine's chugging smoothly.
It will soon be getting dark.

The locomotive started
At a station far away.
It traveled 'cross the country
'fore it made it here today.

I wonder where it's going,
Where it's heading to tonight.
Where will it be tomorrow
When the sunrise brings new light?

Do you know where you're going--
You, your 50 billion cells?
If you don't know where you're going
You may end up somewhere else.

Twelve Spiritual Blessings That I Am Thankful For

by Harlan Brown, October 22, 2020

The Bible says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 1:3 ESV).

Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection
Send as the outcome of His perfection
Spiritual blessings in our direction.
Praise to the Lord for His grace.

I thank the Lord for the fact He chose me.
Thanks be to God that He really knows me.
I thank my God that He daily grows me.
Jesus helps me run life's race.

For these things now I do also praise Thee:
Wisdom and truth that indeed amaze me,
Your true forgiveness that surely saves me,
Inheritance from above.

I thank the Father He did adopt me.
I am so grateful He never dropped me.
With His help life's trials have not stopped me.
I praise the Lord for His love.

Two Ways

by Harlan Brown

(a song for the young and for the young at heart)

Two ways of life, there are two ways of living.
One way is getting, the other is giving.
Two ways of life, there are two ways to live.
Happiness comes when we learn how to give.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/02/04

I’m unashamed of Christ
In whom I place my trust
Unashamed to speak against
Those things that are unjust

Unashamed of my belief
(That)There was a worldwide flood
Unashamed to place my trust
In my Savior’s blood

Unashamed of my defense
Of the sanctity of life
Unashamed of my belief
In Godly(Biblical) man and wife

Unashamed to speak the truth
Though rejection I will face
Unashamed that in my life
It’s Christ who takes first place

In a time when we’re restricted
From mentioning Christ’s name
You’ll find that of my Savior
I’m boldly unashamed

Unashamed to speak the truth
With all my imperfections
Even though from those I love
I know I’ll face rejection

Unashamed to walk away
From divisive hate filled tones
Unashamed to stand for right
Though I may stand alone

Unashamed to lend my voice
To those who now have none
And I’ll be unashamed
When I stand before the Son

#WALKAWAY: Ostracized for Truth

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

Now that we’ve walked away
Our lives have now been changed
As family and dear friends
They see us now as strange

Be strong in your convictions
As this one thing I know
Should you speak the truth
You’ll soon become the foe

So when you walkaway
Do not dare look back
Though you’re sure to be
Abandoned and attacked

To exercise self- thought
Is not without its cost
Some family and dear friends
Relationships we’ve lost

Because we’ve walked away
We’ve found we’ve been rejected
By all of those whose minds
The left has long infected

When they are not empowered
The left cries we’re(America) in trouble
They’ve set some lofty standards
Which only comes in doubles (double standards)

No longer are we blinded
By smooth words of seduction
We’ve walked away from those
Who spread hate and destruction

Let truth spread far and wide
From one coast to the next
From the north unto the south
From the east unto the west

Dare to speak the truth
Now this has been foretold
Enemies will arise
And they’ll be from your household

No longer are we party
To their violence hate and lies
We’ve proudly walked away
Though we’ve been ostracized

#WALKAWAY : The Exodus

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

We’ve witnessed sheer corruption
And heard deceptive lies
The truth now bare before us
We now have open eyes

No longer the deceived
No longer the misled
Like Lazarus who once slept
Now risen from the dead (John 11: 44)

We’ve walked away for truth
Not blind as in the past (Mark 8:18)
We’ve recognized the hate
Of those who’d put us last

They eat the bread of evil
Violence (is) their chief beverage (Proverbs 4:17)
They lie and twist the truth (Romans 16:17- 18)
In their search for (political) leverage

Foremost in their minds
A hatred for this land
We know a house divided
Cannot hope to stand (Mark 3:24)

No longer the deceived
No longer the misled
No longer are we counted
Among the living dead (Matthew 8:22)

To the unborn and the helpless
They bring death’s icy kiss
Who knows but, that we were born
For such a time as this (Esther 4:14)

Their actions speak more loudly (Matthew 7: 15- 17)
Than the words they say
With righteousness in tow
We’ve now walked away

The Way to Permanent Faith

by Harlan Brown, Apr. 4, 2016

Inspiration for this poem came while I was reading the April 4 devotional in My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language by Oswald Chambers, edited by James Reimann.

After we to God relate
The Holy Spirit sets us straight.
Our faith must then be exercised,
In daily life be realized.

A faith that temporary is
Seeks only after blessings His.
At first we find our faith sustained
By feelings and by blessings gained.

But then come dark times God allows;
With faith that's lasting He endows.
To climb to faith's enduring peak
It's God Himeelf that we must seek.

We Praise

by Harlan Brown in 2002

We praise our great Father in heaven on high,
Who gave us His Son and sent Him here to die.
He loves us so much. His desire is to give.
And all who believe shall eternally live.

We worship our Saviour called Jesus, the Son.
He came down from heaven. The vict'ry He won.
He died for our sins and then rose from the dead.
By His godly teachings we daily are led.

We cherish God's Spirit of truth and of love,
Who dwells now inside us from heaven above.
He counsels and comforts our hearts to embrace
And flows in and out like a river of grace.

What Musical Instrument Does God Never Play?

by Harlan Brown on March 8, 2008

God made all and does what He decides.
He rules all; in Heaven He resides.
He can play a clarinet or flute,
Or a lively trumpet he can toot.
But one instrument He never plays,
Doesn't play it ever all His days.
What's the answer to this puzzling riddle?
What God never plays is second fiddle.

WHAT SOLOMON SAW (1 Kings 3:16- 27)

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/01/26

When parents kill children
I’m in saddened awe
But now I see
What Solomon saw

Solomon saw
One loving mother
A cold blooded killer
He saw in the other

The times may be different
But the act’s still the same
To murder one’s child
With no hint of shame

Instead of regret
Loud boasting instead
As they celebrate
That their children are dead

These demonic ones
Who revel in slaughter
They happily murder
Their own sons and daughters

They broadcast these murders
After they’re done
I’m shocked and amazed
At what we’ve become

When parents kill children
I’m in saddened awe
But now I see
What Solomon saw

Solomon saw
One loving mother
A cold heartless killer
He saw in the other

The unborn are humans
Such is a fact
Yet far too many
Approve of these acts

May these icy hearts
Soon melt and thaw
So that they can see
What Solomon saw

When will it end?


This is a poem from the 1940s during World War II. I got the poem from my granduncle many years ago. The title has been added.

Absolute knowledge I have none,
But my niece's washerwoman's son
Heard a policeman on his beat
Say to a laborer in the street
That he had a letter last week
Written in the finest Greek
From a Chinese coolie in Timbuctoo,
Who said the natives in Cuba knew
A sun-burned man in a Texas town
Who got it straight from a circus clown
That a man in the Klondike heard the news
From a detective who had some clues
Who heard of a society woman of late
Whose mother-in-law will undertake
To prove that her husband's sister knows,
As stated in a printed piece,
That she has a son who has a friend
Who knows when the war is going to end.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS: A Sporting Chance

by Mark Linen, posted 2020/06/15

The women all came out
I took a second glance
A man stood in the group
Those girls don’t stand a chance

A difference quite profound
I doubt he can be beat
As girls must now compete
Gainst wicked men who cheat

No slight to you females
Most men are simply stronger
So much for women’s rights
This couldn’t be much wronger

True ladies should be prized
(As) another gift from God
Enhancing lives of men
In this land we trod

No slight to all you girls
Most men are faster still
You should be up in arms
Your chances just got killed

So much for women’s rights
In this world of sin
Perversion gets promoted
And losers get the win

When I read these things
I’ve found I get quite heated
Second place for girls
Because some MAN has cheated

So much for women’s rights
It seems that no one cares
These females have been cheated
This victory should be theirs

They’ve lost to wicked MEN
Who have NO sense of shame
These MEN should now be stripped (of the victory)
And rightful winners named

Men disguised as girls
For sports this is the worst
(The) true winners are denied
While cheaters come in first

This is a grave injustice
A shame and a disgrace
When those who should have won
Are crowned with second place

Females CLEARLY wronged
Such bitter circumstance
Surely they deserve
To have a sporting chance

The athletes all came out
I took a second glance
Among them stood a man
The girls don’t stand a chance

Work While You Work

This poem was published in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in McGuffey's Primer. It is also included in The Book of Virtues by William Bennett, a book that I highly recommend.

Work while you work, play while you play;
One thing each time, that is the way.
All that you do, do with your might;
Things done by halves are not done right.


by Mark Linen, posted 2020/08/21

 Sometimes in the day
And sometimes late at night
When these thoughts appear
I take a pause and write

I write of Anti- Christs
And the awful shame
Where it’s now illegal
To call on Jesus’ name

Appeals to common sense
Have failed me for so long
So now in my frustrations
I simply write these wrongs

I write of NEWBORN babes
Their torture and their woe
How those who wield great power
Have placed them on death roe

Debate has proven useless
Against the angry throngs
So now with my God’s guidance
I sit and write the wrongs

I write of Sodom’s pride
And marriage re-defined
Of sexualizing children
And depravity of minds

I’ve tried to make my points
With scripture as my guide
But when politics is god
My Christ gets cast aside

I write of this one party
Who’ve chosen death and hate
Where reason’s frowned upon
And so is fair debate

I mourn for my poor people
Who’ve chosen mental thrall
Of Margaret Sanger’s standing
While other statues fall

No longer do I reason
With the angry throngs
Left with no recourse
I write about these wrongs

I write of pure nonsense
Now tainting our sports world
Where females must compete
With MEN disguised as girls

I write of current attempts
Both stealthy and quite vile
To legalize the acts
Of wicked pedophiles

I’ve tried my best to warn
The angry wicked throngs
That when my Savior comes
He’s going to right these wrongs.

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